Middle School

2200 Quince Street NE
Olympia, WA 98506
360.596.3401 Fax

5th Grade Move Up Day

Wednesday June 14th, from 10-11:45

  • Students will come with their 5th grade teachers to RMS
  • Welcome Assembly starts in gym, promptly at 10:00 a.m.
  • Tour of school and lunch
  • Please bring sack lunch, or purchase a lunch--hamburgers, tots, salad bar (it is helpful, if you are getting a hot lunch, to learn your ID number)
  • Students will be bussed from their Elementary Schools to RMS--arriving by 9:45 a.m., and departing at 11:35 a.m.

Other Upcoming Dates:

RMS Orientation Day is tentatively set for August 29, 2017, from 5-6 p.m.

Get pictures taken in the library, purchase items from the student store, tour the building, and deposit money in your lunch account, etc.

School starts on September 6, 2017!

Curriculum Night--date to be determined--most likely in late September...


Below are tips to help parents of middle school students start a successful school year and keep it going throughout the school year.

  • Establish a solid bedtime routine and stick with it.
  • Plan and shop for healthy breakfast, snack, and lunch items ahead of time.
  •  Go back to school shopping together. Refer to the supply list provided by your child's teachers.
  • Middle school is usually the time when fashion becomes important to students. Become familiar with the school's dress code and refer to it as you shop for school clothes. Take this opportunity to set clear guidlines about the type of clothes your child is permitted to wear, for girls-whether or not makeup is allowed, and to talk about personal hygiene.
  • Students have more responsibilities in middle school. If you find that your child needs help managing his or her time and keeping track of responsibilities, set up checklists and/or schedules that your child can review daily.
  • At this age children may begin to pull away and not talk to their parents as much. Continue to ask questions and be engaged with your child. Children need their parents even if they begin to pull away.
  • During the years a child is in middle school, a shift occurs in his or her thinking. Keep the child engaged in school and learning. Encourage his or her curiosity.
  • Students at this age have strong emotions, therefore they tend to either "love" or "hate" school. If your child happens to "hate" it, help him or her identify parts of school that are more enjoyable (even if those are lunch, lunch recess, and PE).
  • Most students think there is too much homework during middle school. Emphasize that homework is important. Applaud their learning and new knowledge.

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