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Students at Reeves are enrolled in a seven (7) period day. Most students will have a three-period block class (language arts, social studies, reading, health, and spelling), math, PE, and will be enrolled in a full-year science program. Students' schedules will be completed with classes from the fields of art, music, vocational education, study skills, cultural studies, or technology. The district also offers an Eastside alternative learning program (Alki) that is housed at Reeves.

Physical Education:

All students take PE during each of their three years at Reeves. Students must have gym shoes, socks, shorts and a Reeves PE shirt that is to be purchased at the school store. PE clothing must meet the dress guidelines addressed later in this handbook. Students are expected to be prepared by having their PE clothes every day. Clean loaner clothes are made available for emergencies. Students are also given an individual lock and locker. They are responsible for locking their belongings in the locker. The emphasis of the program is on participation and effort. Shower facilities are available. Students may be excluded from PE for three school days provided a note from home is provided. Exclusions longer than three days require a doctor's excuse. Contact the school nurse if you have questions.


Several music offerings are available at Reeves - beginning band, advanced levels of band, jazz band, orchestra, and choir classes. Concerts are presented throughout the year and are considered a part of
the regular music program. Music students are required to attend evening programs.


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