Middle School

2200 Quince Street NE
Olympia, WA 98506
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Goals of the Council

1)Fully support the Mission Statement of Reeves Middle School

"We believe that Reeves Middle School fosters thinking, learning and responsibility in our students and staff.  Through diverse programs, we promote mutual respect, a sense of self-worth, and an appreciation for life-long learning.  Our school provides opportunities for every student to make decisions and to know their consequences.  Recognize the value of individual contributions to the larger community."

2) Build connections or linkages between the greater Olympia community, families and school.

3) Fully support the Olympia School District Strategic Plan.

4) Ensure communication and decision making is shared between student council, parent club, staff and Alki council.

5) Inspire positive support for the educational mission among all segments of the Reeves community.


Site Council Agenda

December 6, 2016