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What is Alki?

The Washington state motto is Al-ki or Alki, a Chinook Indian word meaning "bye and bye" or "hope for the future". The Alki program is an individual family choice but also a group effort. Students, teachers, parents, family members, community volunteers, and school administrators all work together to provide an integrated, experiential middle school education.  Family participation in the form of dues, volunteering with fundraising and volunteering in the classroom or on Field Trips is expected and necessary for the program to function.  Each family should expect to volunteer between 5-10 hours to the program every month.  Families provide expertise, transportation, supervision, and funding to support a variety of educational experiences in both the school and the community.

The Alki Program seeks to create a community of learning that actively involves students, parents, family members and teachers. Alki draws from the entire Olympia School District and strives to recruit a well-informed applicant pool reflecting the diversity of the Olympia community.

To create this diversity and enrich the learning environment, the Enrollment Committee welcomes, and recognizes the importance of, students with various developmental stages, learning styles, and physical and academic abilities.

The Alki Community Team (ACT) is a group of interested family members of Alki students. The term "family member" is meant to be broadly defined and includes all those family members who are legally charged with the care of the children (parents/guardians) as well as other family members as designated by a parent or guardian. The Alki Community Team is a not-for-profit organization that exists to support the Alki middle school program in the Olympia School District.

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