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Alki Program Enrollment Process

We provide detailed information below about who qualifies to apply, selection process prioritization, legal requirements and etc., but in general, the Enrollment Process can be boiled down to a few basic steps (See Enrollment Schedule for dates and times for this year's Enrollment Process):

Basic Steps for Enrollment (See schedule for exact dates):

  1. Interested families should attend Orientation Nights at either the MAP or Alki program classrooms to hear about the programs and to pick up the MAP/Alki Application Packets. 
    1. This is a mandatory step -- you cannot pick up an Application packet without attending an Orientation meeting.  But you can pick them up from either the MAP or Alki meeting -- regardless of which program you prefer.
    2. Because MAP and Alki programs and teachers are different, we recommend that you attend the program that interests you the most.  We set the dates so  it is possible to attend both.
  2. You fill out the Application completely, and hand it in by the deadline set for that year.
  3. The Lottery drawing happens within a week of the Application Turn-in deadline.
  4. You will be notified of the Lottery drawing results within one week of the drawing, and you will have about one week to respond, saying that you do or do not want to reserve the offered seat in the program or on the waiting list.
  5. Once you accept, you will receive an enrollment packet that includes extra forms specifically for the Alki program. You must return these forms by the stated deadline or you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

Here is the ENTIRE Enrollment process, extracted from the Alki Bylaws -- Click here to read:  Enrollment Process