Principal's Message May/June

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Principal's Message May/June 2018

A few RMS updates and reminders for May & June 2018

1. The sun has arrived… a reminder about School Wear.

 Specific Dress Guidelines from page 7 in the student manual:

Pants: No sagging—waistlines on pants and shorts must be at or above the hip bones. No undergarments should be visible.  No chains on pants.

Skirts/shorts: Shorts should have at least a 3” inseam (no cutoffs). Skirts are to hit mid-thigh or longer.

Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times.  High heels must not be over 3 inches.

Hoods/Hats: Hoods and hats are to be off at all times inside the building and on outside only after the final bell rings.  Hats must be put away in your locker & out of sight during the school day.

Shirts/Tops: Shirts/tops must touch the top of the waistband when the arms are down at the side. No midriff or cleavage should be visible; clothing should not allow cleavage or buttock exposure.  No mesh tops or see-through clothing.

Students will be asked to call a parent if their clothing is inappropriate for school. We will attempt to loan clean sweat pants and a t-shirt when possible.

2.  May is SBAC and WCAS testing month.

The annual state tests, called the SBAC and WCASWashington Comprehensive Assessment of Science-- are almost here.  We will be testing all of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in May.

SBAC & WCAS testing dates:

May 15: ELA CAT— all grades

May 17: 8th grade Science: WCAS Day 1

May 18: 8th grade Science: WCAS Day 2

May 22: ELA DAY 1— all grades

May 24: ELA DAY 2— all grades

May 30: MATH CAT— all grades

May 31: MATH— all grades

Please review the teacher recommended TEST TAKING TIPS below.

Testing will begin at the start of each day.  Please be on time and do not schedule appointments or vacations on these testing dates.  Students score better and feel better when they take the test at the same time as their peers rather than during a make-up session.  

We take these tests seriously because every public school is included in the annual Washington Report that reflects mandatory school progress for continuous improvement in math, reading, writing and science for all students from elementary through high school.  We ask that our students give their best effort on every test and that parents encourage their children to work hard without undue stress about the final results. If BEST EFFORT is given on all test days, we will all be impressed with the results.

We are confident that RMS students are well prepared for this year’s state tests and will continue to show they are above state testing averages.  Thank you for your support by encouraging best effort on every testing day.

3.  A message for 6th & 7th grade parents.

Please look for very important registration paperwork coming home with all 6th and 7th grade students in mid-May.  Students will be bringing home their course selection sheets for the 2018-2019 school year. Please review the elective choices with your student, sign the form, and return it to the school by Wednesday May 23rd.  Students that fail to turn in this document will miss out on the opportunity to select classes for next year.

4.  Guest speaker in the RMS library on May 14th at 6:30 PM.   

Parents, please join us for a presentation from parent educator and coach Emily McMason on May 14th starting at 6:30 PM.  Emily will be presenting on Raising Our T(w)eenagers Through the Transitions Ahead, with time for questions and answers after the presentation.


5.  A message for 8th grade parents:   The OHS PTA would like to invite all INCOMING freshman parents to join them on May 17 for Olympia High School's final community council meeting for the 2017-18 school year.  They will be setting the monthly agendas for next school year and would love as much parent input as possible!

The meeting is at 6pm on Thursday, May 17.

Upcoming Events:

May 8: National Teacher Appreciation Day

May 14:  Guest speaker Emily McMason is presenting in the RMS library at 6:30 PM

May 17:  8th grade parents are invited to OHS for their community council meeting @ 6 PM

May 23: Course selection sheets for all 6th & 7th graders must be returned.

May 24: OHS Jazz Night with RMS Jazz Band as guest presenters

May 28: Memorial Day… No School

SBAC & WCAS testing dates:

Week one: May 15 - ELA, all grades, May 17 & 18— Science, 8th grade only

Week two: May 22 & 24 - ELA (English/Language Arts)— all grades

Week three: May 30 & 31 - MATH— all grades

See Calendar of Events for additional information

Please review these teacher recommended TEST TAKING TIPS prior to testing dates:

1.  Get plenty of rest.  Middle school students should get no less than 8 hours of sleep at night.

2.  Eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water.

3.  Bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water on testing days.

4.  Stay cool!  Dress in layers.  If you are too warm, you will get sleepy and be less focused.

5.  Use scratch paper to solve all math problems… especially when taking the test on a computer!

6.  Write your rough draft essay on scratch paper before doing the final draft.

 ~ Re-check your work and make clerical corrections (spelling, punctuation & word selection).

7.  Use all of the space provided for short answer responses.  More is better for short answers.


1.  Read the entire question BEFORE you look at the answers.

2.  Read all the choices before choosing your answer.

3.  Strategy: come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers.  This way the choices given on the test won’t throw you off or trick you.

4.  When the answer is a statement/sentence, there will be two answers that are similar, only one is correct.  Pick the more detailed, best answer.

5.  If in doubt… do not change your answer on multiple choice questions.  Your first answer is most likely correct.


1.  If any part of the statement is NOT true, then the answer is always FALSE.

2.  EVERY part of the statement must be true for the answer to be TRUE.

3.  Choose TRUE for statements with words like OFTEN or USUALLY

4.  Choose FALSE for statements that are shorter with absolutes like ALWAYS or NEVER.

5.  When guessing, choose true because there are usually more true answers than false.


1.  Cover the answer choices then read the test questions. You are less likely to be confused by decoys when you read each question carefully before looking at choices.

2.  Cross off choices that are clearly incorrect. This increases the odds for choosing the correct answer.

3.  If there is a range of numbers to choose from, choose answers in the middle.  Most decoy answers are at the top or the bottom.

4.  When an answer choice is “All of the above” choose it, IF two or more of the choices are true.

5.  When the answer choice is “None of the above” do not choose it IF at least one of the answers is true.

6.  If you get stuck on a question and just can’t come up with the answer, skip it and go onto the

next question, then COME BACK to the skipped questions, later.  Sometimes reading the other questions helps you with the answer to the skipped question.

7.  Always take an educated guess and select an answer.  Never leave a question without an answer.