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2017-2018 Supply List


Be prepared!  Look for summer sale items for your child’s school supplies.

Below is a generic supply list for all grades.  There may be additional supplies needed for each grade level or classroom that may be requested by teachers when school begins.


3 – ring binder (1.5 inch or larger)

3 composition notebooks (in lieu of science notebooks)

3-4 college-ruled spiral bound notebooks

12 inch wooden ruler (3 hole punched)

Ball point pens (blue & black)

Pencils (No.2) (the more the merrier)

Pencil pouch (3 hole punched)

Loose leaf notebook paper

Pink pearl eraser

Subject divider tabs

Colored pencils (a must for 6th grade)


Individual pencil sharpener

Kleenex box (the more the merrier)

Calculator (if in advanced math, please talk with your math teacher     before purchasing)

Graphing paper (this is suggested to help in math)

One ream of 20 lb., 92 brightness copier paper*

*Please bring the ream of paper to your 1st period teacher.


Special request from our school librarian:

Timberland Regional Library card (free)


If for any reason you have trouble affording any or all of these items, please do not hesitate to contact the school, as we will work with you to ensure your student has the necessary items.