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The Smarter Balanced Assessment

All Washington state school districts are required to begin conducting new assessments, called the Smarter Balanced Assessment, to measure students’ progress in Common Core areas in the spring of the 2014-15 school year. The assessment will give us the opportunity to see exactly how our district’s students are doing in comparison to their peers across our state and nation and measure students' readiness for college or career. 

Practice Tests

If you and/or your student would like to take a practice test follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Practice Tests" link above
  • Ignore the green sign-in box; click on the right arrow beneath the box where you see the words, "Click here to go to the Practice and Training Test Site"
  • Click the “Sign In” box
  • Select a test grade and click the blue “Yes” box
  • Choose which test you would like to take
  • Keep the standard settings on the next page; just click “Select” at the bottom of the screen
  • Click “Yes, Start my Test” at the bottom of the page
  • Click the “Begin Test Now” box
  • Take the sample test!
  • HELPFUL HINTS:  You may want to use scratch paper when completing the test; it will be available to students during the test. When you’re done with a question, click the green “next” button on the top left part of the screen to move to the next question.

For more information on the Smarter Balanced Assessment, see the district's State Testing page and Smarter Balanced Assessment page.