Darla Knutzen

Mrs. Knutzen's Classroom Website


2017-2018 Courses:
Algebra 1: Mathematics Vision Project  
7th/8th Grade Compacted Math: Illustrative Mathematics

Student Supply list:

+ Notebook with subject dividers; can be a binder with tab dividers.
+ Pencils: send as needed or donate a box or two to the class.
+ I use donated pencils to allow student access to them at all times.
+ Highlighter(s): at least two different colors.
+ Graph Paper: as needed.
+ Scientific Calculator: I recommend the TI-30xs for this level of math. ​

Teacher wish list:
One ream of paper; color is bonus!
Kleenex boxes, any size or shape

About Me:
I have been teaching math since 2004 and have been at Reeves Middle School since 2014. I love working with middle school students, especially in a math classroom. When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my family. I have an awesome husband who loves to travel, and 5 children who are involved in many different activities. My favorite activities are traveling with my family (especially to Hawaii); reading for fun and for learning; gardening for healthy food and bright, beautiful flowers.