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Instrumental Inspiration

While I encourage students to go listen to professional musicians, often this is not a possibility. The internet offers a wealth of information but much of it is of poor quality. Hopefully the links on this page can help guide students to good playing that is online and help develop students musical concepts (such as: tone, articulations, dynamics, breathing, phrasing, etc.).

Some of these are suggested by students as inspirational to them and some are just for fun. If a great performance motivates you to play your instrument better (with good musicianship & skills) then it can't be bad! :)

If students & parents have suggestions on other videos & links that they want to share, feel free to email these to me (or tell me if a link goes bad).  Please enjoy!

Other (Orchestral & solo stuff):
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 performed by Chicago Symphony Orchestra everyone needs to watch/perform this piece sometime in their lives

Vaughn Williams: Symphony No. 5 in D major this link starts on the 3rd movement (Romanza), rewind to the beginning for the entire sympnony.  This 2012 performance by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra is good!

Vaughn Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis this is the better performance of this with the overtones (4:34 and 4:44) - Leonard Slatkin, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

General Performance:
Practicing by Eddie Daniels
Mastering Speed and Agility by Eddie Daniels

Sometimes "kids" play things better than adults:
National Youth Orchestra of the USA - excellent group that you could belong to if you're good enough!  Great videos on practicing & playing.

Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela (Gustavo Dudamel, cond.)
Bernstein - Symphonic Dances from West Side Story very famous performance
Shostakovich, Symphony No. 10 this is just the 2nd mvt., hang on...
Huapango by Jose Pablo Moncayo cool rhythms

These are elementary students in Japan, makes you wonder how much they practice... :)
Narashinodai Daiichi Elementary School Band famous American composer Bernstein
Last Letter of Murdoch by Masanori Taruya Japanese composer
Hirasa Nishi Elementary School Band - Towards the Sunrising by James Curnow another American composer

You guys asked about Minimalist music:
John Adams - Phrygian Gates this you can follow the score
John Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine Marin Alsop & BBC Symphony live performance video
Steve Reich - Music for 18 musicians live performance video
Philip Glass - Glassworks more famous example
John Adams - Wild Nights (mvt. 3) from Harmonium great example adapted to full orchestra & chorus
Philip Glass - Violin Concerto, mvt. 3 another where you can follow the score (violinist isn't that great)

Full Concert Band:
U.S. Marine Corps Band - Semper Fidelis by John Philip Sousa<
U.S. Marine Corps Band - Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa
U.S. Marine Corps Band - The Washington Post by John Philip Sousa
U.S. Marine Corps Band - The Liberty Bell by John Philip Sousa
The U.S. Marine Corps Band ("The President's Own") is often considered the best in the world.

The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa
This an awesome project by the USMC Band, not only can you download an mp3 of all of the marches but the full score and parts too!

Sousa's March Mania Each March, the USMC Band has a "March Madness" competition.  Like Basketball, each day can vote for the best of two different marches, later there are finals and the best march for 2017 is selected.  Excellent playing!

Flute: Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Flute
Greg Patillo - beatboxing Super Mario Brothers
Barber: Canzone for Flute & Piano performed by Mimi Stillman (contributed by Ellissa)
Flute Choir performing Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro (contributed by Maggie)
Univ. of Central Florida Flute Ensemble performs Ravel & others (including sax ensembles) (contributed by Maggie)
Men at Work - Down Under often forgotten is Greg Ham's flute solo throughout this (contributed by Elsa)
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull (contributed by Cecile)
Amy Wang performs Mozart on flute (12 years old) (contributed by Cecile)
Mozart Concerto for Flute (K313) performed by Emmanuel Pahud (contributed by Tahlia)
Bach - Air performed on flute by Aleksandr Haskin (contributed by Rileigh)

Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Oboe
Albrecht Mayer performing Handel on oboe, oboe d'amore, & english horn
Barber Violin Concerto, mvt. 2 (which features the oboe at the beginning)
Beethoven Oboe Trio by Royal Danish Orchestra's oboes (contributed by Natalie)
Britten: Six Metamorphoses after Ovid (for Solo Oboe), Op.49 performed by Katherine White (contributed by Natalie)
Mozart: Oboe Concerto mvt. 1 performed by Nicholas Daniel (contributed by James)

Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Bassoon
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade, mvt. 2 (which features the bassoon & oboe at the beginning)
Bassoon quartet has fun with Cantina Band music from Star Wars (contributed by Forrest)

Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Clarinet
Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Bass Clarinet
Anthony McGill plays Mozart clarinet concerto for children
Caprice Clarinet Quintet performs Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
Martin Fröst plays Klezmer dances by Göran Fröst
Martinsson: Concert Fantastique (rehearsal) - Martin Fröst, clarinet
Ludmila Peterková performing Copland clarinet concerto, part 1
The band Edmund Welles performing Radiohead on bass clarinet
Andrew Moses (age 13) performing Weber Concertino, Op. 26 (contributed by Carson)
Han Kim performing Weber Clarinet Concerto, Op. 74 (contributed by Sierra)
Clarion Royal Clarinet Quartet performs "Cantina Band" from Star Wars (contributed by Emerson)
Monti: Czardas performed by Han Kim (contributed by Natalia)
Theme from Super Mario Bros. performed by Reedefined Clarinet Quartet (contributed by Trent)
Carrot Clarinetist Linsey Pollak becomes a TED talk (with instructions) (contributed by Dominick)
Solo de Concours by H. Rabaud performed by an 11 year old Han Kim (contributed by Alicia)
Sharon Kam performs Mozart clarinet concerto on period instrument (contributed by Lily)
Flight of the Bumblebee on clarinet by Ricards Lapins (contributed by Rowan)
Molly on the Shore for Clarinet Quartet (contributed by Morgan)
Telemann: Concerto for 2 clarinets (contributed by Elijah)

Zagreb Saxophone Quartet with Dr. Eugene Rousseau
John Adams: Saxophone Concerto - BBC Symphony (Alsop)
A saxophone cover of "Royals" on alto & Eb contrabass saxophone
Carnival of Venice on Alto Saxophone by Dillion Ashby (contributed by Rebecca)
Illuminations by Jay Bocook (Alto Saxophone solo with Band) (contributed by Pieter)
"Let Her Go" played by Justin Ward (contributed by Kristen)
Fantasia for Alto Saxophone & Band played by James Barger (contributed by Nicholas)
Ivan Renta, tenor sax solo (contributed by Ashton)
Glazunov: Saxophone Concerto performed by Brian Kim (contributed by Riona)
Monti: Czardas performed on Baritone Sax (contributed by Sean)

Miscellaneous Woodwinds:
Arie Malando: Olé Guapa (arr. Joachim Schmeißer) - Berlin Philharmonic wind soloists
Ravel: Bolero (featuring all the winds) - London Symphony (Gergiev)
Astor Piazzolla: Libertango - Imani Winds

Brandon Ridenour - Rhapsody in Blue for trumpet & piano neat arrangement, check out his other videos
Bud Herseth's Final Concert on NPR excellent article on such a fine trumpet player & person
Bud Herseth's studio great example of various trumpets and mouthpieces
Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Trumpet
Wynton Marsalis - 3rd mvt. of Haydn trumpet concerto
Alison Balson plays Haydn, Bach, Debussy
Oklahoma State trumpet ensemble performing Bach
Mary Bowden performs Vivaldi & Bach (contributed by Sanne)
Trumpet trio plays national anthem (contributed by Vaughn)
Juilliard Trumpet Ensemble performs Verde's Overture to Nabucco (contributed by Peter)
Hummel: Trumpet Concerto (mvt. 3) performed by Rachael Johnston (contributed by Jackson)
Northwestern University Trumpet Ensemble performs Franz von Suppe's Overture: Poet and Peasant (contributed by Vaughn)
Lauridsen: O Magnum Mysterium performed by Army Band Trumpet Ensemble (contributed by Emma Lea)
Ostransky: Fanfare and Allegro for Trumpet Quartet (contributed by Ronan)
Three Blues for Trumpet Quartet (contributed by Ronan)
HS trumpet trio performs Aces of the Air by VanderCook (contributed by Bryant)

Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Horn
Rameau´s Les Boreades (featuring the horns) - Berlin Philharmonic
Brahms: Symphony No. 3, mvt. 3 (featuring the horn at the beginning)
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, beginning of 2nd mvt. (contributed by Anders)
Frank Lloyd plays Bach (Toccata & Fugue in D minor) (contributed by Anders)
Street Musician plays Haydn Horn Concerto (contributed by Adam)
Handicap doesn't stop amazing horn player (contributed by Adam)
Dale Clevenger featured on Mahler's 5th Symphony (contributed by Adrian)
Vienna Horns performs music from "Jurassic Park" (contributed by Nathaniel)
Patrick Godfrey performs Star Wars on horn (contributed by Sarah)

Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Trombone
London Symphony Orchestra - Trombone master class
Planet Krypton Fanfare/Superman March - Southeast Trombone Symposium Professors Choir
U.S. Army Field Band - The Trombone meets the bumblebee
Sousa: Stars & Stripes Forever for Trombone Quartet
Bach: Toccata & Fugue in D min by Cuarteto Trombones de Costa Rica (contributed by Sydney)
Michael Jackson's Thriller by Christopher Bill (contributed by Trstn)
Christian Lindberg performs Mozart variations :) (contributed by Aidan R.)
Monti: Czardas performed by Christian Lindberg (contributed by Aidan R.)
Excellent Spanish feature video on Christian Lindberg (contributed by Aidan R.)

Tuba / Euphonium:
Philharmonia Orchestra (London) Instrument Guides: The Tuba
Brian Bowman performing the Carnival of Venice
Matthew White gives the euphonium a new voice
Beautiful Colorado by Joseph DeLuca, performed by Willow Howard (contributed by Andrew)
Flight of the Bumblebee performed by David Childs (contributed by Zelik)
Super Mario Brothers Theme on Tuba played very well on a smaller F tuba (contributed by Hayes)
Underwater theme from Super Mario Brothers Theme on Euphonium (contributed by Kemarian)
Encore performance by Steven Mead on Euphonium (contributed by Cale)

Miscellaneous Brass:
Canadian Brass - Selections from the Renaissance this is the original group that started it all
Canadian Brass - Penny Lane (Beatles) and they do improvisation too
Canadian Brass - Little Fugue in G minor by Bach earlier famous video
tenThing Brass Ensemble plays Carmen this is an awesome group of brass players
The Westerlies "Sweeter Than The Day" by Wayne Horvitz (contributed by Justin)

Marching Band:
Broken Arrow HS Marching Band (Oklahoma) 2015 BOA winner (it's about the music)
Blue Devils, 2015 DCI winner (encore performance) (drum corps: marching band but better)
Carolina Crown, 2015 DCI 2nd place (this drum corps always plays musically better)
Bluecoats, 2015 DCI 3rd place (another great musical corps)
Hey Brother by a Hong Kong youth marching band (contributed by Nakota)
Five HS drummers having fun with drums at a talent show.. (contributed by David)
US Marines vs Korean Army drum line fun together (contributed by Nathan H.)