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Percussion (Drumline)

This is a page for all percussion students and those in the drumline

The Drumline is.. a new ensemble at Reeves MS to explore more advanced rhythms in a different ensemble setting. The ultimate goal is to help regular concert band & individual instrument studies with rhythms.  Drumlines are very popular in other areas of the state and many band students simply enjoy a different challenge than their wind instrument.   Due to the advanced level of this group and the requirement for students to read music at a high level, only students who are regular concert band get to participate in drumline.

We meet before school on Wednesday & Friday mornings from 7:30-8:20am.

Percussion Resources:
The Seven Essential Rudiments - for snare drum
The PAS 40 Rudiments - for snare drum
Listen to the PAS 40 Rudiments - sound files for the same rudiments
Sound & Video Files for the PAS 40 Rudiments (from Vic Firth) - video files for the same rudiments
Speed Note Reading (from Vic Firth) - specifically for mallet percussion but useful for those learning piano too.

Videos for drumline, using Santa Clara Vanguard as an example:
Santa Clara Vanguard - battery warmup in Denton, TX great hands and warmup
Santa Clara Vanguard - battery show run thru at DCI Finals 2016 typical show music
Santa Clara Vanguard - cymbal line from 2014 typical show music
Santa Clara Vanguard - full ensemble run through (with mallets)
Santa Clara Vanguard - a mallet camera from the player's point of view this shows how the front ensemble (mallets, etc.) integrate with battery (drumline)
Santa Clara Vanguard - 2016 show: "Force of Nature" How a drumline and front ensemble incorporate into a large marching ensemble.

Other drumline videos:
Blue Devils - battery warmup at DCI Finals 2016 another good warmup routine

Orchestral Percussion:
Michael Burritt, Eastman School of Music Percussion excellent videos on his youtube channel
Marimba Rasta - Take On Me - pretty neat arrangement
Zeppelin by Louisville Leopard Percussionists (contributed by Deacon)
Michael Burritt: Fandango 13 performed by Eastman Percussion Ensemble (contributed by Scarleht)
Steve Reich: Mallet Quartet performed by Sandbox Percussion (contributed by Konnor)
Coldplay on Marimba (contributed by Avery)
Percussion Ensemble HKBU performs Finale from Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 (contributed by Braydon)
Tuning timpani with David Skidmore (contributed by Nathan N.)

Drumset & other Percussion:
Vic Firth drumstick video library this site has many videos on drumset & orchestral percussion, obviously by endorsers of Vic Firth sticks this site has tons of videos on just about every drumset artist out there
Buddy Rich - Concert for the Americas 1982 video starts at the drum solo
Jojo Mayer - solo drumset spotlight simple and with groove
Thomas Lang - solo drumset spotlight tons of chops, fun player
Tony Royster Jr. - Go-Pro feature video even more chops, been doing this professionally since he was very young
Dave Weckl with Oz Noy - Just Grove Me
Cobus Potgieter shows that you don't need an expensive drum kit to sound good (contributed by Avery)