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Band Curriculum Resources & Composition

(many are flash based so they won't work on iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads!)

Practice Tools:

Other Interesting Sites:

  • Chrome Music Lab This website is written for elementary general music students but has some neat experiments for older students to learn harmonics and tone.

Reading Music:

Did a zombie eat your brain last night and you forgot how to read music...again? That's okay.
(or for totally new students and non-musicians like family wondering what you do):

Note Reading Games:

Fingering Charts (print them at home):


Online music notation software:

Want to know more about music theory (notes, chords, etc.) lessons page - Excellent lessons, especially if you don't understand some items or want to get ahead on more advanced stuff.

Understanding popular music styles and popularity of using just four chords:

A neat online multitrack studio like GarageBand (for recording/mixing audio)