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Elementary Orchestra

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Welcome to the Elementary String Page!  This is the central page for 4th and 5th grade orchestra to help you stay up to date with what we are learning!


Important Dates:


June Concerts TBD.



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Beginning Orchestra


Orchestra Karate

We have begun Orchestra Karate!  Students can belt test on their first class of the week, if they can play the song they earn a belt that can be tied to their instrument or their case.  Belt testing may be suspended if a class is not keeping up with their practice.  Below you can find a list of belt test songs, and what students should be practicing in order to stay on top of their goals.


School Practice Goal Next Belt Testing Date
Boston Harbor  

Did You Ever See a Lassie

Mon. May 1st 


Did You Ever See a Lassie

D arpeggio

Mon May 1st


Did You Ever See a Lassie

Mon. May 1st 

Belt Test Songs
White Belt – Hot Cross Buns 

Yellow Belt – Bile ‘Em Cabbage Down

Orange Belt – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Green Belt – Old McDonald Had a Farm

Blue Belt –Snow is Falling

Purple Belt - Barn Dance 

Red Belt – Ani Purim

Brown Belt – Sweet Betsy from Pike

Black Belt – Can-Can

Sensei Level – Fiddler’s Rodeo 



Practice Tips

1. Find a small chunk to work on, one or two measures at a time

2. Say the note names, then the finger numbers

3. Play the song pizzicato

4. Try playing the spot with your bow


Did it work?  If not, go back to the last step where you had success and start from there.

Practice Record - click on this link to print a new one

Second Year Orchestra


Welcome to 5th Grade Orchestra! 


We are currently working on DragonHunter!


Lucky Lotto

E major Scale 


Practice Record - click on this link to print a new one