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Reeves Middle School Teachers


Our teachers here at Reeves Middle School are Fantastic! Please take the time to look at each of their pages to get to know them and their classrooms a little better. You can find links to their pages below or on the left hand side of the page under "In This Section" Check back often as we're constantly updating information. Thanks!


6th Grade Block

Mrs. Ottavelli

6th Grade Science

Mrs. Kardokus

6th Grade Block / PE

Mr. Teachout

6th Grade Math

Mr. Watters

6th Grade Block / Humanities Program

Mrs. Werts


6th Grade Math & Elective

Mrs. Vrieze


7th Grade Lang. Arts

Mr. Bartlett

7th Grade Science

Ms. Hudson

7th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Crawford

7th Grade Math

Mrs. Knutzen

7th Grade Math & Science

Mr. Phimister

8th Science

Ms. Land


8th Grade Social Studies & LAP Reading

Mrs. Henderson

8th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Schooler


8th Grade Math/Algebra/Geometry

Mr. Sebring

Alki & 7th Grade English Language Arts

Ms. Kaufman



Mr. Weeks

SpEd Lang. Arts

Mrs. Mallalieu

SpEd Math

Ms. Johnson

SpEd Math & LAP Math

Mr. McGuire



Mr. Huff


Mrs. Benson


Mr. Grostick


Mrs. Garrett (Richart)


Ms. Daulton

Physical Education

Mr. Smith


Robotics/Health/CTE Exploratory

Mr. Stave

Teacher-Librarian/6th Grade Technology

Mrs. Quimby (Library)

Mrs. Quimby (6th Grade Technology)