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What is the yearbook club?
The Yearbook staff consists of approximately 10 members.  These members are chosen by past experience, grade levels and teacher observations.  Although there are many excellent candidates, we are unable to accept all applicants.  The Yearbook staff work after school on various aspects of the Yearbook to make memories for as many students as possible.

What do the Yearbook staff do?  
Various tasks/assignments are given to every staff member.  They are assigned specific pages to work on layouts and taking photos (sports, classroom activities, candid student photos, etc.). The staff learn how to make successful layouts and the use of white space.  They also tag photos as to keep an inventory of students. Our goal is to get 2-3 photos of each student.

Purchasing a Yearbook:
 The Yearbook can only be purchased online through  We offer 3 pricing opportunities throughout the year.  The earlier in the year you purchase a book, the lower the cost. 

**After finding Reeves Middle School and picking your options, please be sure to follow all the steps for purchasing.  You MUST hit submit at the end to finalize your order.  If you do not receive a follow-up email regarding your purchase, it did not complete the transaction. **

The yearbooks are distributed the last week of school.