Our ASB Representatives

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Our ASB Representatives

ASB Elected Students Karli Kooi is our ASB president, and was a Co-Vice president last year at Reeves. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, RMS’ Robotics Club, and singing with Kids in Concert. She loves playing with her cat and spending quality time with her family and friends. Her duties include speaking at assemblies, handling the ASB image, and working with the other officers to improve our school.

Hattie (Hawthorne) Hummel-Church is our ASB Vice President, and passionate about making changes here at our school. Her extracurricular activities include her YMCA swim team, learning piano, riding horses, and acting with Olympia Family Theater. She enjoys choir here at school, reading, and writing. Her duties include collaborating with the President, brainstorming for things that could make our school better, and speaking at assemblies.

Helena Scuderi is our ASB Secretary, and though she wasn’t opposed while running for the position, she definitely earned her spot on the council. In her spare time, she loves participating in sports, such as RMS track and basketball, and being in musicals. Her role model is her sister, who is currently traveling abroad. Her duties include recording the meetings, helping other officers with information, and being a team player.

Aidan Wirth is our ASB Treasurer and is happy to be representing Reeves during his last year at Reeves. He enjoys playing trombone in band at school, and plays both school and Black Hills soccer. As the treasurer it is required for him to sign off all purchases made by the school. His duties include keeping track of our ASB allotted finances, such as funds from fundraisers for field trips and more, and working with the ASB members to decide financial priorities.