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Personal Property & Electronics

Students are discouraged from bringing items of personal value not related to their lessons. The following electronic devices are not allowed at school:


  • MP3 Players
  • Radios
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronic Games


The school is not responsible for personal items that students bring to school. As with other valuables, students are solely responsible for their personal possessions. They are not to interfere with the learning environment. Should an item of value need to be brought to school, arrangements should be made with a staff

A.S.B. Cards

Associated student body cards (ASB) are provided to the students free of charge. They are beneficial to the students in the following ways:


  • Provide student identification as a member of the Reeves Middle School student body;
  • Allow for discounted admission to high school athletic events;
  • Are useful in checking out the school's recreational equipment
  • Lockers and Locks


The school will provide lockers for students' use. Students are assigned locker partners. Items left in the lockers are the responsibility of the students. Should an item of value need to be brought to school, arrangements should be made to leave it with a staff member. A combination lock is built into each locker. It is the student's responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his/her locker combination. Should a change of combination be necessary, a $1 fee will be assessed. A student choosing to use a locker is responsible for its maintenance and cleanliness. Lockers are intended for the storage of required school supplies, coats, and lunches. Lockers and locks will be provided in the PE locker rooms. Students are charged for the replacement cost of a lock should it become damaged or lost.

Bicycles, Skateboards, In-line Skates

There is a bike rack for student use in the area in front of the school. Bikes should be locked in this area only. Students are not allowed in the bike rack area during the school day. The use of skateboards, in-line skates, and related items are not permitted on school grounds. This is an Olympia School District policy.

Gum, Candy, and Food

Chewing gum or eating candy or food during class time is allowed at the discretion of the individual teachers. The key factors of its acceptance are the disruption of learning, health considerations, and/or the students' demonstration of their responsibility for maintaining a clean campus.

Visitors' Policy

All visitors are asked to report to the office upon entering school grounds. Please sign in at the visitor/volunteer kiosk computer and print a visitor's pass. Once you are leaving for the day, please return to the kiosk and sign out of the computer for the day. This is a matter of safety and security. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted on school grounds and may be referred to the legal authorities on trespassing charges.


All students living more than 1.5 miles from school are eligible to ride a bus. However, the privilege of riding a school bus is based on displaying proper conduct and following the rules and guidelines established by the transportation department. Information concerning bus routes may be obtained by contacting the transportation department at 596-7700.

Telephone Use

The office phone is intended for business use and emergencies. Students may use the office wall phone before or after school. If a need to use the phone arises during the day, the student should contact the classroom teacher if it is related to class or contact an administrator or counselor for other requests. Phones are located in all classrooms. After extra curricular activities, students may obtain access to coaches' phones to arrange transportation or contact their parents.


Any accident occurring in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions, or at any school function must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the office.

Lost and Found

A lost and found area is maintained in the office. Once a month unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity. It is suggested that students' clothing be labeled. If an item is lost, the student should retrace his/her steps, check with teachers or friends and check the lost and found. Parents are also encouraged to contact the school (596-3400 ) if an item is missing.

Student Council

The student council is our students' governing body. Each first period class is represented on the council. The primary responsibilities are to establish the ASB budget, approve the expenditure of funds, promote and support improvements to the campus and school climate, and support community service activities.

Computer Use

Students are reminded to only be in “authorized” computer sites. Unethical use of the computer will result in disciplinary action including loss of computer privileges. Students are responsible for their personal computer accounts and any use or access to their account by others. As a courtesy to others, students should restrict the size of stored files. Files will be deleted from accounts that exceed a reasonable capacity. Students are reminded that staff members have authority to monitor their accounts. Information transferred from or on the district's computers is NOT confidential.