Reeves Raider Report - September 20, 2020

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Raider Report - Sept. 20, 2020
Posted on 09/20/2020
Reeves Raider Report
Good evening Reeves Raiders and Families!
Another well-deserved weekend is coming to an end.  I hope you were all able to rest and recharge.  I don’t know about you, but the first week of school was a tough one despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions.  In my house, we had to do a complete overhaul of what we had thought would work best and create a new plan for my daughter.  Sometimes even our best laid plans don’t work out.  If 2020 and distance learning has taught our kids anything, it is resilience. Hearing stories about their toughness and flexibility this week has been so reassuring.  I am proud of our kids.
During orientation, our Principals go over our communication and classroom solving process with parents.  Since we were not able to have an in person orientation this year, I have attached a PDF showing our communication process in a separate email if you or your student ever have a teacher or classroom concern.   Please follow these steps, along with using your student’s advisor as your first point of contact for any needs.  I also want to report that our counselor has taken a position in a different school district.  For the time being, our Assistant Principal, Karen Zarate, can help with any counseling related concerns. 
There have been some questions with what the scheduled hour, or period, should look like with a teacher and I would like to clarify this.  Teachers are not always going to be live on Zoom for the full hour of class.  Teachers need to provide an hour of content, but this can consist of many combinations of lesson delivery such as pre recorded videos, reading material, assignment work time, class discussion time, small group sessions, etc.  Teachers also may start their scheduled period time with lessons outside of Zoom, such as a pre recorded video or reading assignment for example, and then go into Zoom to discuss that material.   This is similar to if the students were in an in person classroom setting... most teachers do not lecture the entire hour period, but provide instruction for part of the period and then give time to complete their assignment for example.  While our teachers have different styles or ways they prefer to teach, you can always count on lessons and instructions being found in your student’s Schoology account with details on what is expected.   
Here is a message from our Librarian, Mrs. Quimby:
Do you want some books from the RMS Library? Just like you would order takeout from a restaurant, you can order books from our library to pick up, either on Wednesdays between 1:30-3 PM, or Thursdays between 4-6 PM. Please fill out this form ahead of coming to the school so I will be ready with your books!
Also, please join our RMS Library 2020-2021 Schoology group!  I will post useful items and information to this group, such as the library curbside pick-up form, book reviews, library book purchase requests, plus tech and research tips.  To join this group, go to Schoology, click on “groups” in top menu, click on “my groups” in top right menu, then click on “join a group” and add the following join code:  PMRZ-XGPT-TQ4QF.  If you have any problems joining this group, please email me at:
I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead!
Brandi Sorem
Admin Assistant to the Principals
Lead with Empathy. Listen with Empathy. Love with Empathy.