Mary Sharp

Hello My Name Is...

Mary Sharp


This is my first year at RMS and I teach 6th Grade LAP Reading, 8th Grade ELA and 8th Grade Social Studies.  I graduated from the Evergreen State College's Master in Teaching program in 2003 and I earned my National Board Certification in 2011.  Previously, I've taught high school and middle school ELA for 13 years.  Currently, I am an administrative intern at Reeves and I am learning so much from my awesome mentors- Mr. Davis and Mrs. Zarate!  The best way to reach me is through email at .   
Fun facts: I am a songwriter, my son Random attended RMS and my favorite sport is roller derby. 

6th Grade LAP Reading & 8th Grade ELA
Our homework in these classes is most often independent reading. 
There is a project that students complete when they are finished with their books.  Project options along with other class resources are located in Schoology.  Our goal is to read 1 book per month but students can ask for an extension if necessary.

In 8th Grade ELA our curriculum is SpringBoard. Students can log in to read texts from home.

Social Studies
Our regular homework in Social Studies is to find a current event that allows students to analyze American values.
Students complete a summary and analysis of the current event and I collect it on Fridays.  Specific requirements can be found in Schoology.