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Olympia School District bus

Bus Route Information


Snow Routes

The following route changes will be in effect when it is announced that buses are running on "emergency bus routes". We may be running a few minutes late due to road conditions, but pick-ups will be made unless radio announcements are to the contrary. If it is announced that schools are starting one or two hours late, please remember that bus pick-ups will also be one or two hours later than normal. KGY (1240), KQ92 (920) and KXXO (96.1 FM) will be broadcasting school information beginning at 6:00 A.M. and continuing throughout the day. Should it be necessary please listen to the radio for school announcements.

Sometimes weather conditions will require that our schools close early. In the event that this should happen normal busing sequence will be adhered to; i.e. high school and middle school students home first, followed by the elementary students. Please instruct your student what to do should there be an early school closure when you are not home during the regular school day.

We ask that you remind students in your family to be especially careful when walking or waiting for a bus during bad weather.


School Bus Riding Regulations

  1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and passengers.
  2. Students must ride their regularly assigned bus at all times unless permission has been granted by school authorities based upon a note received from the parent/guardian and verified by telephone. Passes will be issued for non-regular riders if it does not cause a standee on the bus. Large groups cannot be accommodated.
  3. Students shall be permitted to leave the bus only at their regular stop, unless written permission has been granted by the school principal. Students shall enter and leave the bus in an orderly fashion via the front service door.
  4. Each student may be assigned to a seat in which they will be seated at all times unless permission to change is given by the driver.
  5. Students are to remain in their seats, facing the front, with feet flat on the floor while the bus is in motion.
  6. Students shall refrain from throwing anything out windows, putting any part of the body out of windows, and are to assist in keeping litter off the floor. Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited.
  7. Smoking, chewing tobacco, lighting matches/lighters or using any type of flame or sparking device is not allowed.
  8. Fighting, excessive noise, loud behavior, spitting and vulgar or profane language/gestures is prohibited.
  9. Sticks, breakable containers, skateboards, any type of weapon, animals, reptiles, fish or fowl are not permitted on the bus, except for sensory assist dogs.

Contact Information for Transportation Department

Mailing Address: 
OSD Transportation Department
3000 R.W. Johnson Road
Olympia, WA 98512

Voice: 360.596-7700 / Fax: 360.596.7701