Need a Book? You can order RMS Library books to pick up in front of our school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mrs. Quimby will put your book order in a bag and will send you an email notification as soon as your order is ready for pickup. This RMS LIBRARY ORDER FORM will explain HOW.


Timberland Regional Library (TRL) offers curbside pickup as well. To access TRL, click on MyTRL in the center section of the OSD portal. You will see your login information there too.


Would you prefer an ebook? Head to the RMS library catalog and do a search for "ebook" . You will see a link to our library on the left hand side of the portal. 


You can also access ebooks via TRL.


And, one more way to get ebooks is via the Sora app--look in your Chrome Apps "waffle" next to your profile pic, and you will see Sora. No special login or password required.


Still not sure how to get books? Please contact me, Mrs. Quimby, and I will be happy to help!