Student Conferences

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Student Led Conferences

Conferences at Reeves Middle School are student-led conferences. We received very positive feedback from the experience parents and students have had as this format will respect your time as we are going to be scheduling each conference so you know when, where, and how long your conferences will be. In this process, one of your student’s teachers will be present to help guide the process and provide additional feedback if needed. You will not be meeting with all of your student’s teachers at this time. Students will be working hard to compile a portfolio to share examples of work with you as well as assessments of progress in each class. They will be practicing how to discuss their skills as a learner, and they will work with you to set a long-term academic goal for the school year. This process is vital to the success of your student. It is expected that at least one parent/guardian attend the conference with their student.

Please note that students will be released from school at 12:25 p.m. during conference week. Bus transportation will be provided at that time. To respect the conference atmosphere, students will be expected to go home unless they are on campus with a parent/guardian for their conference.

Conferences will be scheduled through Skyward Family Access. Please understand that slots may fill up quickly so make your appointment as soon as Reeves opens up the conference appointment slots. If you have trouble signing up for an appointment time slot, please touch base with your assigned teacher for the student led conference.

If after conferences you feel that you need to speak with an individual teacher please email that teacher so that the communication can start through that process. We are happy to schedule an individual meeting after the conference week, if necessary.

Directions on How to Sign Up Through Skyward Family Access

PDF of Directions

Typical Agenda of Student Led Conferences

  • Introductions
  • Briefly review the Agenda to give an overview of what is in your portfolio
  • Read your “Dear Parent/Guardian” letter to your parents/guardians
  • Present your self-evaluation on effort and behavior
  • Present your MAP & SBA testing information
  • Login to Skyward and present your progress and work
  • Share the information on the Classroom Self-Reflection Sheets
  • Goal Setting (Explain your strengths and areas to work on, Explain the four goals you have set, Sign the form with your parents/guardians)
  • Closing/Questions