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OSD Counseling Community Resources


School Closures

If there is adverse weather or environmental conditions, please tune to a local radio station or visit the media's web sites. All information regarding closures, changes in the scheduled school day, or bus routes will be announced and updated as soon as it is available. Please do not call the school or radio station.

School Counselors

Reeves has one full time counselor. She is available to assist students with personal or school related problems. Every effort is made to link the student with our counselor in as timely a manner as possible. The counseling department also is responsible for scheduling classes.

Social Services Provider

Reeves has a part time intervention specialist who assists in identifying the special needs of students. This individual works with parents and school personnel in addressing student's academic, emotional, or behavioral needs. In addition, this person will coordinate with community agencies when possible or appropriate.

Parent Resources

A parent resource guide is available for anyone needing assistance with parenting and student issues. It can be obtained by calling “Together!” at (360)493-2230.


A nurse is on call at all times. Due to the need for the nurse to serve other buildings also, the nurse will not always be in the building. The duties of the nurse are to maintain up-to-date records, check health concerns referred by teachers or parents, and attend to illnesses and injuries occurring within the school day. Special medical concerns or requests should be relayed to the school nurse. Should a student be determined to be unable to continue the school day a parent or guardian will be notified. State law requires that all students have up-to-date immunizations to attend school.


According to state policy, all medications are to be kept in the office and only the prescribed amount needed should be brought to school. An authorization form must be filled out by a physician and given to the school. Medications must be in the original container. Doctors have been given these forms, but please remember to ask for it. It is the student's responsibility to come to the office for medications. School personnel may not dispense any other medications, including aspirin or pain relievers.

Student Insurance

Student insurance is made available at a nominal cost when school opens in the fall. A dental policy is also available. Forms are available in the office.

Student Information Cards

An enrollment card and personal information card should be kept up to date in the office. Please inform the office promptly of any changes to the information card so we can maintain accurate information and ensure the well being of your child.