Social Studies

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Academics: Social Studies/History

Social Studies classes at Reeves Middle School follow the Washington State Social Studies Standards.

Curriculum Resources:

Rand McNally World Atlas


History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond

The Washington Journey

6th Grade

Focus on geography skills and world geography 1st semester, then ancient civilizations second semester.

7th Grade

First semester students will study/develop:

  • History of the development and times of feudalism in medieval Europe

  • geography

  • Note taking skills

  • Domain specific vocabulary

  • Cooperative skills and social development

  • Comparisons and connections between the past and present, and considering the future

Second semester students will work on the same concepts and skills while learning about Washington State history, including:

  • Tribal history and current issues

  • from territory into statehood

  • Economics and government of Washington State


8th Grade

Focus is on colonization to framing the U.S. Constitution to  the Civil War

Emphasis:  exploring ideas, issues and events.